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A very popular and official nude beach not far from downtown Miami, on the Atlantic Ocean facing east. Not for the shy or novice since there are many curious clothed people strolling around and mainstream "civilization" is only a few hundred feet away. That said, it is a safe and well facilitated beach with lifeguards, many local nude beach advocates, washrooms, snacks for sale, and a strong social scene with many regulars. The north end has a strong male gay contingent. The beach is precisely delineated with a storm fence beyond which you cannot be nude. The clothing optional section is at the north end of this long beach. Hot days will attract thousands. Not recommended for family recreation because of the strong presence of non-nudists.

Another report by Jake, 2007: The beach is a beautifully maintained, legal, safe, patrolled with lifeguards and has all the basic facilities like restrooms and food vendors that you could need. The volunteer naturist association regularly opens an amenities booth and occasionally a massage tent to raise funds to help preserve naturism in the area. People generally keep to themselves and it is usually difficult to get a volleyball game going unless you bring enough people with you to get one started. Once you get one started - I found that there are always friendly people anxious to join in. Cameras are clearly not welcome and there is a gay contingent that generally keeps to one end of the beach . Also, occasionally you get a group of clothed gawkers, but no one really seems to care about that either. All in all, its a great beach - but best enjoyed with friends as people are not typically as outgoing as the carribean island vacationers...
Haulover nude beach
Directions: Haulover beach is right on Collins Avenue (#A1A), which runs north/south between Miami and Hollywood next to the ocean. There are several large parking lots and you should park in the most northly one, otherwise you will have a long walk to get to the nude section of the beach. The parking lots are on the west side of Collins and the beach is east of Collins. Tunnels under the road connect the parking lots with the beach. History/Status: Haulover has been a nude beach for decades and does not appear to be in danger of legal challenge.

Environment: Haulover is active year round, though in the winter months it can get chilly and windy at times and attendance does drop off. You can usually rely on Florida as a source of sunshine but there are exceptions including hurricanes in the summer and fall. The water is mostly warn from the gulf stream, but ocean currents are stong and often it is not advisible to swim.

Facilities: The nude area has a washroom facility within a few minutes, though it is much-used and usually in need of cleaning. Food in the form of snacks is usually available from vendors during the day that travel on the service road behind the beach. There are frequently placed garbage receptacles. Parking: There is plenty of cheap parking in large lots for hundreds of cars, though they fill up at peak periods such as hot summer weekends. Accommodation: There are many hotels close by, some within walking distance.
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Haulover nude beach Haulover nude beach Haulover nude beach Haulover nude beach Haulover nude beach Haulover nude beach
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