Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada

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This is one of the most active nude beaches in North America... when it is warm enough! Vancouver is much farther north than some of the other popular beaches on the West coast. It's a great place to hang out in the Summer... it's a very lively place with vendors, music, artists... you name it. The popular part of the beach is in a cove which empties out at low tide and at high tide becomes a wonderful large shallow play area. This beach is totally legal and official. The friendly police come by once in a while in their shorts and short-sleaved shirts to make sure everyone is happy enough.
Directions: There are many ways to access the beach but we recommend you take the main staircase down to the main beach by Trail 6. This is on Southwest Marine Drive by the entrance to the University. The spot is well-marked with signs, garbage receptacles and toilets. It's about a 5-minute walk down and about a fifteen minute walk back up, he said, gasping for breath. History/Status: Wreck beach has a long tradition and is legal.

Environment: Summer is the best time, though there are plenty of warm days in the spring and fall. It is a good spot for swimming, though you have to walk quite a way out if you want depth. The water is too cold for my taste.

Facilities: Please carry up anything you bring down, especially garbage. At the base of the beach are portable washrooms. A variety of foods and beer can be bought from numerous excellent vendors.

Accommodation: There is nothing in the immediate area.

Parking: If you arrive early enough you can park for free along the side of the road up top. Otherwise you have to park in a university lot or parking complex and this costs money.

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