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Report by Coccozella.

The famous Orient Beach, possibly the biggest (most active) public nude beach in the West Indies. Actually part of it, the south end by Club Orient is nude. Most of the beach is a very crowded textile tourist trap with water sports, bars, restaurants, shopping, you name it. The occasional gal is topless and the very occasional nudie will come strolling through as if to claim all of Orient Beach as "nude". And why shouldn't they? There are plenty of well-clothed people strolling down to the nude section where things are much quieter but still very active. You can have a very civilized lunch at the outdoor restaurant belonging to Club Orient, and by "civilized" I mean you do not have to put on a stitch of clothing. There's even a sign that says: "no shirt, no problem". There are plenty of umbrellas and deck chairs on the beach, but you have to pay a rental fee. The water and sand are fabulous. If you like a social environment, Orient Beach is the place to be.

Directions: Orient is on the north/east section of the island. Get a map and locate Club Orient... find the road that turns off the main highway. You have 3 choices: 1) Drive to Club Orient and visit them. Or 2) Drive to the Club Orient entrance gate, then continue a short distance until you come to the touristy dead end. Park. You will be near the north end of the nude section. Or 3) After you turn off the highway, do not follow the 2nd turn-off to Club Orient. Keep going past the butterfly farm (worth visiting) and turn into Coconut Grove Beach. Keep to the left, driving through various parking lots. Keep going past a hurricane-wrecked resort and keep following the dirt road until you reach a low stone wall and a rough parking area. You can't drive any further anyway. From there it is a 2 minute walk to the south end of the nude beach by Club Orient. I recommend this second choice in the busy seasons. Orient beach can be reached in less than an hour from the farthest opposite part of the island. Facilities: Everything and more.

History/Status: Established and completely legal.

Accommodation: The beach is part of Club Orient and one would imagine the beach would be their private beach if it were not a law in St. Martin that all waterfront is public. many more resorts at the beach and in the area.

Misc: Car theft is rampant. You WILL have your car broken into no matter where you park. Your trunk is not safe. If you leave anything in your car, say goodbye to it because you will never see it again.

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Spot the nudists strolling through the textile section:

Photos by Coccozella

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