Cupecoy Beach, St. Maarten


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Report by Coccozella.

The southern half of the island, the dutch half, is somewhat quieter that the French side. The main town for shopping and a more cosmopolitan environment is Marigot on the French side. The main town on the Dutch side is the smaller Philipsburg, which gets a daily swarm of cruiseship people. There was not even a single topless gal at the main beach here, but another active public beach at the west end, Mullet Bay, sees quite a bit of topfreedom. The only beach that sees nude use (that I know of) on the Dutch side is Cupecoy. It's a very scenic beach with great cliffs. It is relatively small and quiet but nude use is pretty much established with the authorities closing their eyes to the nudity which is technically illegal. At the far east end is the gay section. Taking the path west will just get you into more and more difficult volcanic terrain until finally you have to turn back.

Directions: From Juliana Airport take the main road west through the small casino area. It's not far, maybe a mile or two, on the left as the road makes a bend. You will drive into a small parking lot and from there it is an easy 2-minute walk to the beach. The locals you see hanging around will clean out your car for you for free while you are on the beach. If you see a sign saying you have just entered the French part, then you just missed the exit an minute back. Facilities: Nothing really. Sometimes there's someone renting chairs or vending casually.

History/Status: Established but not legal. Need further reports.

Accommodation: There is one hotel about a 10-minute walk to the east. Otherwise you need to drive. There are many resorts within minutes to the east

Misc: Car theft is rampant. You WILL have your car broken into no matter where you park. Your trunk is not safe. If you leave anything in your car, say goodbye to it because you will never see it again.

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Photos by Coccozella
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