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Report by Bill P.

The Beach: The area associated with the Hawksbill Resort features a series of four crescent beaches. The fourth and most secluded is the only officially recognized nudist beach on Antigua. We were in Antigua early in their off season, so all beaches not directly a part of a resort complex were lightly populated. Our day at Hawksbill #4 was a case in point. When we arrived there were two other couples, a single man, and a mother/daughter pair spread over a beach about three-quarters of a mile to a mile long. Throughout the day there were never more than 12 people (all nude) on the beach at any one time. There were beach chairs provided by the resort, some established cooking/eating areas, some stationary umbrellas and a small gazebo. There are also some trees and bushes just off the sandy areas that could provide shade if you feel the need to get out of the sun. The only established way in to the beach is the path from the resort so gawkers are probably few even in busier periods. The only "textiles" I saw were a resort security person who made a quick circuit of the area and a maintenance person emptying trash cans and otherwise cleaning the area. The beach itself was nice. The only problem was a rock ledge at the water's edge that extended through most beach's South end. If the surf was running, it made getting in and out of the water a little tricky. Most people gravitated to the North end near the entrance to swim. Reportedly there is a reef off the point at the North end that extends out toward Hawksbill Rock and provides excellent snorkeling. We were unable to confirm this as we had lost our equipment the day before.

Directions: Hawksbill is on the Northwest corner of the island. In St. John's, at the West end of Market St. turn right on to Valley Rd., then almost immediately right on to Viv Richards St. This will take you out to Five Islands Village. Continue on through the Village. The road begins to climb at the entrance to Galley Bay Resort. Just down from the crest of the hill the first Hawksbill beach will be on your right. Public parking is along the roadside here. You can also catch a public bus to Five Islands. The beach is about a 1 1/2 mile walk from the bus stop. [The hill between Galley Bay and Hawksbill is not very testing.] We were staying at the Royal Antiguian and walked about 2 miles. Just beyond this is the entrance to the resort, where there is a security building with a guard on duty. Don't be deterred as all beaches in Antigua are considered public access so even those owned by resorts or hotels must have an established route onto any beaches on their property. There is a pretty clear-cut route behind the resort buildings to the third beach. Past the third beach, there is a sandy path up to a gate in a white picked fence. Through the fence and around a bend is the nude beach. Facilities: Rudimentary, no changing/bathroom facilities or dining at the beach itself. Dining is available at the Hawksbill Resort facilities or at any of the nearby places listed under accommodations. At the entrance to the resort property there is the AAA Snack Shack. We had an excellent and inexpensive pepperpot stew (with cold local beer) there for lunch - I recommend this place for lunch.

History/Status: This is only established/legal nude beach on Antigua. [There is some topless bathing at pools and beaches associated with resorts, particularly those catering to Europeans.] We also did some nude bathing at other beaches simply because we were essentially alone on the beach.

Accommodation: Besides the Hawksbill Resort, there are several other options within two miles of the beach. For resorts, there are the Galley Bay Resort and the Royal Antiguian. Both have large beaches and full facilities. There is a bed and breakfast at Chez Pascal, which has a French restaurant where we ate twice and can recommend. [It is pricey, expect a full supper for two with wine to cost at least $150 US.] Also, there are cottages for rent through Galley Bay Cottages.

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Photos by Bill P.
Galley Bay and Royal Antiguan Resorts
Hawksbill Resort
Chez Pascal
Galley Bay Cottages
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